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Sunday Meditation 10:00 am
Sunday Service 10:30am &
Youth School at 10:30am
3755 Willow Creek Rd., Prescott 86301
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If you are in search of a spiritual community where you are respected and accepted for who you are and want the inspiration and support to grow, then you have found a new home!


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Top 10 Tips Why Center For Spiritual Living Prescott Is For You!

10. You are spiritual - not religious.

9. You dig Buddha, Jesus, Yogananda and Lady Gaga.

8. Love is who you are.

7. You honor all paths.

6. The idea of God's wrath... ha-ha!

5. You consciously create the life you desire.

4. Your therapist told you to find "some place" to go.

3. You're done with dogma.

2. You're happy and you know it - honk your horn!

1. Join us to find your own reason!


Center for Spiritual Living Prescott provides spiritual tools to transform our personal lives and help make the world a better place.

Center for Spiritual Living Prescott is a spiritual community that honors all paths to God and can help you experience a personal relationship with God. Center Building When God is the focus of our spirituality, then other areas of our lives fall into place – we are happier, we can do more for others, be better stewards of the Earth, and help bring peace and harmony to the world. If you are in search of a spiritual community where you are respected and accepted for who you are and want the inspiration and support to grow to your highest potential, please accept our invitation to visit us soon.


Welcome from Rev. Kathleen Sibley

We're glad you are here!revk_head2013_sm

CSL Prescott exists to awaken Love and Light. By that we mean that we are a spiritual community that exists to bring out the best of what is already within you. We will not save or fix you – because you are not lost or broken and never were. Our basic belief is that God (by whatever name you use) is all that actually exists and that we are One with God. If that is true, and God is infinite, where are you going to go to get lost? How can the Infinite be broken? I like to think that rather than being saved, I’m invested.

The philosophy of New Thought, of which we are a part, is a synthesis of all the great religions. It takes all the faith traditions, strips them of dogma and boils them down to basic principles. Then we apply those principles to our own practice and check the results in our own experience. This is a very practical approach to spirituality. Our mission is to provide practical spiritual tools and life-enhancing, inspirational programs that recognize, honor, and nurture personal transformation, supporting a world that works for everyone.

However difficult your experience is or has been, there is healing for you. However happy and rich your life is or has been, it can be immeasurably better. There is a deeper, richer experience of life to live.

If some part of you has been whispering that there is more to life than what you’ve seen so far, if some intuition says you can live life more authentically and deeply, please come and share that experience with us. Know that you are entirely welcome to show up just as you are and just as you are not.

Rev. Kathleen Sibley

See Rev. Kathleen's Blog ... here!

Message from Our Board

We are so grateful you are taking the time to visit the Center for Spiritual Living Prescott's web site. 

But, before you start exploring, think about a spiritual place you’d like to visit that welcomes people of all races, religions, sexual orientations and social backgrounds in dignity and love. A place where they believe in diversity and provide a multitude of opportunities for anyone, in any stage of life, to grow spiritually.

Imagine a place that communicates and celebrates the positive aspects of humankind, the world around us, and our relationship to the Power Within.

What would be it be like to part of a spiritual community that is practical and provides tangible steps and programs for individuals and families to change and apply spiritual principles in their lives immediately?

What if you could find a place that is alive and exciting on Sundays – one that leaves you feeling wonderful and optimistic about you and your life?

Well, look no further. You’ve found your spiritual home and it’s waiting for you.

We hope you will allow us to support you wherever you are on your path with all that is available through our dynamic and growing spiritual community.

Remember: It’s different here. We’re not here to judge. We’re here to give you spiritual tools to transform your life and to make the world a better place.

Upcoming Services
Recent Service
  • Living Fearlessly
    October 23, 2016 (10:30 am)

    Theme: Global transformation through personal transformation

Upcoming Events
Recent Events
  • Board Meeting
    October 23, 2016 (12:15 - noon)

    Members are always encouraged to attend.

Featured Happenings
Recent Happenings
  • Full Moon Drum Circle
    September 19, 2016 (7:00 pm)

    All are welcome; Join us on Mon. eve with Rev Merilyn at the Labyrinth

Laura&CraigWe’re forever grateful for this teaching – It has given us the substance with which to live in our Truth, to create music and bring healing to ourselves and the world vbc.

- Craig & Laura Berman Benelli

Isa GreenbergI am constantly amazed and inspired by the abundance of love present and the lives that are being lived by my center's members and leaders!  Due to these teachings I live every day to the fullest, giving thanks for the light and consciousness that has been passed along to me!
- Isa Greenberg

Jay PoindexterI live, move, breathe and have my being in a universe that works for me.  This teaching helps me remember to keep this awareness, this consciousness, at the front of my thinking.
- Jay Poindexter

Frankie TimmersMy life went from black & white to color when I stepped into the spiritual world of International Centers for Spiritual Living. The color has become more and more vibrant inside and out and I feel profoundly blessed. Life is Brilliant!
- Frankie Timmers